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Introducing The "Thirstiest Men Of Instagram"


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2015 coming in hot! You ever take a step back and think about how far we’ve come? The progress we’ve made as a society? 20 years ago there was no real internet porn. You wanted to take a girl out on a date you had to talk to her in person, maybe even have a real life conversation. You got to see .000000001% of the beautiful women in the world and that guess is still probably way off. Now? Well now we have Instagram and twitter and snapchat and Tinder and everything is different. Now if you want to hit on an attractive woman you just have to tell her you would punch a nun dead in face to date her, or let her know hat her bootycheecks taste like cotton candy and baby angel tears, or simply tell her you are currently masturbating. I don’t know a lot in life but I know that is a little thing I like to call Progress. What a world.



Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 10.23.54 AM

This actually seems like a good strategy


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Very few rules in life, this is one of them though.


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Feel like this may work in whatever country Raja is from.


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Straight and to the point


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