Wisconsin Coach Paul Chryst Gives Great Insight Into What Makes a Perfect Sweatshirt for Big Guys

Big guys around the country are rejoicing as we inch closer towards October and you feel a bit of a crispness in the air at night because we all know what that means: sweatshirt season. The confidence a larger man gets when he throws on a sweatshirt with that best pair of jeans is unmatched. I look like a damn snack in November.

Wisconsin head coach Paul Chryst gave some insight Thursday as to what goes into his patented crewneck look on the sidelines and how he always has his sweatshirts looking so good.

"When you've got a hint of being a fat ass, it's got to be loose-fitting, and you can't have it choking you like a turtleneck," Chryst said. "Turtlenecks aren't cool."

I can't stress the first part enough. I'm generally a hoodie over a crewneck guy, but the element of looseness has to exist for a hoodie to be sustainable. Otherwise, you defeat the entire purpose of it being sweatshirt season. Nobody's supposed to know what it looks like underneath.

That neck part is important as well. You don't want to be the guy walking around with a crewneck that sort of fits but looks like you're struggling to breathe up top. The fit needs to be uniform all the way around.

Where you run into a bit of an issue is when you get to the point that in order to go up a size to get that fit, you reach your "problem size." Now this is different for every husky fella, but that's when you have a decision to make as to whether or not you are willing to embrace being a 2- or 3XL guy. That is a personal decision which must be made by each individual but is the crux of being able to enjoy your own sweatshirt season.

Regardless, I appreciate Coach Chryst giving a bit of insight as to what goes into the perfect big guy sweatshirt and wish his team nothing but the best of luck this season.