No Matter What Happens, The Philadelphia 76ers Are Still A Goddamn Mess

Okay so right off the bat, I'm not exactly throwing all of my belief into a scoop from Johnny Airports. Don't get me wrong, John Clark is a great guy who I'd love to have a beer or 7 with. But a guy who is constantly getting reliable insider information from sources who are in the know? It's just that I trust Johnny's word a lot more when he's at the airport getting the first interview with a player who has just signed with a Philly team. 

So do I think the Sixers are actually trying to hire Mike D'Antoni so they can then go after James Harden? I mean I'm sure it was an idea that was brought up in a meeting at some point, but that's probably it. 

With that being said...the way the Sixers have been going about this entire process just further proves that this isn't a legitimate professional sports franchise. They have no idea what direction they want to go in, and they are such a dysfunctional mess that you get leaks like these coming out. 

Yeah, have fun ever trying to not get completely bent over in a trade again. "Hey, we realize we're going to keep fucking sucking if you don't take these guys off our hands. We're lost and we're desperate. Now give us your best players in return" isn't exactly a great negotiating tactic. 

And Joel Embiid is a pretty smart guy. I think he'll be able to put 2 and 2 together here that he'd be tossed around in some trade scenarios here. So what happens if you don't sign D'Antoni? Embiid is a pretty smart guy but he also seems like a pretty emotional one, too. I can't imagine he's going to take that all as just business being business. He seems to take things pretty personally. So now you have that to deal with. 

It just seems like in an offseason as chaotic as this one for the Sixers, you'd try to put as much Flex Seal around the organization as possible to keep the leaks to a minimum so you can figure out which direction you're going to head in. But the Sixers aren't capable of doing that. It's a total circus show over there and it's been that way for years. So hire D'Antoni, trade for Harden, do whatever, I don't see that changing any time soon. Pretty sure this franchise is just fucked.