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Does Telling Every Girl At The Bar That He's "Chris Spags, Blogger From Barstool Sports" Get This Kid Laid?

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 10.41.12 AM


Chris Spags, you made it! Probably my favorite story ever? This kid was at the same bar I was at over MDW, telling everyone, guys and girls alike, that he’s Chris Spags from Barstool Sports. Think about that one for a second. That was his go-to pickup line. So now the question on everyone’s mind— does it work? Does being bizarro world Chris Spags and wearing that god awful shirt get you laid? Spags certainly wants to know, that’s for sure. I just love the thought process of this kid. What’s going to make all these Dewey Beach bitches wet? Ah yes, being the business development guy from an internet website best known for posting pictures of a baby’s dick, THAT’S GONNA GET ME SOOOOO LAID TONIGHT! I hope it worked. Also hilarious that he girl in the pic above is actually a stoolie and knew it wasn’t him, but took a picture with him anyway. Kid is glowing.


10426635_10204417850026033_1089586624660824732_n (1)

Spags life!


PS: Shouts to all the nice stoolies I met over the weekend. You guys are the real MVPs.