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Some Sort Of Twitter Prophet Predicted In April 2019 That The Heat Would Draft Tyler Herro, Sign Jimmy Butler And Get Rid Of Hassan Whiteside

In the words of our dear friend Riggs. 'Check the timestamps' 

Well, anyone can do that right? It's not like this was a great call. Let's check the dates of the moves: 

Yep, timestamps check out. So what the fuck man? 

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I always love seeing shit like this because it's a hell of a call. No one predicted Tyler Herro to the Heat. He was projected to go later teens because he has short arms. True story. That's why people weren't as high on him coming out of Kentucky. That and people weren't sure if he could be a true playmaker, which is kinda silly because if you watched his game you could tell he 1) played within the offense and 2) when he had to be a playmaker it was there. So getting that right alone was a somewhat shot in the dark.

Then my man called Jimmy Butler. Yep, needless to say outside of LeBron and Bosh, this is the most important signing of this era for the Heat. Well, sign and trade but you get the point. Butler completely changed how this team can compete and how they play. Credit to Spo for this, but the ability to run that 2-3 zone with him and Iggy or him and Crowder up top and that size is damn near illegal. I'm not even a 2-3 fan, hate zones, but the way they run it is so damn perfect. 

Need this kid to do a Knicks preview that's a positive please.