The Lakers Filing A Report To The NBA Bitching About Bron Bron NOT Shooting Enough Free Throws Is The Softest Move In The History Of Sports

[Source] - The Lakers have presented a case to the NBA that their star, LeBron James, is not nearly getting his fair share of free throws even though they are positive the hard-charging forward is getting fouled plenty by the Denver Nuggets in their Western Conference finals playoff series.

James shot just two free throws during the Game 3 defeat to the Nuggets on Tuesday night at AdventHealth Arena. And those two free throws came after Denver guard Jamal Murray was called for a flagrant foul for an elbow to James’ jaw.

“We’re dealing with the fouls through the proper channels with the league,” coach Frank Vogel told the media via videoconference Wednesday after practice. “I think he’s gone to the basket very aggressively, and I’ll just leave it at that.”

Oh Jesus fucking Christ dude. I want to act surprised but this is really the least surprising thing of all time. The Lakers FILED A REPORT because Bron Bron isn't getting to the free throw line enough. Maybe it's because the Nuggets aren't fouling? Maybe it's because the refs aren't buying into LeBron's standard flopping. Shit, at the same time the flagrant foul that gave him free throws in game 3 was a flop: 

Also let's not forget how this series started. Should we flash back to game 1? Let's rewind to game 1: 

And the Lakers are the ones bitching to the NBA. Fuck outta here. This is why it's impossible to fully get behind LeBron and always will be. He's the softest all-time great ever. Listen, no one can deny he's a top-2 player and great. That's not the argument here. It's the fact shit like this consistently happens around him. Filing a report to the NBA so you can get to the free throw line more? That's the softest move in the history of the NBA. Just go play the fucking game man. 

Nuggets in 6 please.