Wake Up With Bill Murray in ‘What About Bob?’

(Feel free to skip to about 0:50 or so. You won’t m)

Bill Murray Turns 70 Theme Week continues with one of his lesser known but no less brilliant comedies “What About Bob?”

Murray plays a paranoid, hypochondriac patient to Richard Dreyfus’ psychiatrist who loses his shit when his doctor goes on vacation with his family for a month. Here he tracks him down before eventually moving into the doctor’s vacation house and driving him insane.

Both performances are great. So is Julie Haggerty as the wife. Helped probably by the fact Murray and Dreyfus HATED each other. Dreyfus refused to talk about it for years before finally admitting Murray was a drunk Irish bully” who once chucked a glass ashtray at his head. Whatever. It made for great art.