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Bam Adebayo Deserves Every Award Possible After He Convinced The Heat To Draft Tyler Herro

I can't imagine this was super hard for Bam to convince Pat Riley. Pat loves drafting and signing people from Kentucky, he's always loyal that way. So when Bam came up and said 'Pat, we should draft my guy from Kentucky' I assume Pat just went done and done. And man does Pat Riley staying loyal to Kentucky pay off in the long run. First, you look at Bam. He fell to the Heat at pick 14 in the 2017 Draft. The picks directly after him? Justin Jackson, Justin Patton, D.J. Wilson and TJ Leaf. Yuck. Absolutely gross. 

I still don't understand how Bam fell all the way to 14. Don't get me wrong, there was a clear top-7 coming into that draft with Fultz, Tatum, Lonzo, Fox, Josh Jackson, Jonathan Isaac and Lauri. But after that? It was pretty open. Bam was always made for the NBA too, he showed his college his ability to defend 1-5 and be an excellent rebounder. He showed post moves, granted he didn't show his ability to initiate the offense from the high post but it was all there. 

Then fast forward to 2019 NBA Draft. This time it's Herro sitting at 13 for the Heat to take. Just another absolute steal. Oh and exactly one pick before the Celtics, which of course meant this report coming out during the series: 

Danny Ainge is undefeated at 'loving a player who became a stud a pick or two right before me.' No one is better than Danny Ainge at that. Thank God he didn't go to the Celtics. I've already seen them ruin James Young, can't handle another Kentucky guy going there for shit. So go ahead and give Bam MVP, Coach of the Year, Executive of the Year, Most Improved Player and every other award.