Steve Cohen Makes His First Move As Potential Mets Owner By Hiring Sandy Alderson As Team President

Me waking up and reading Steve Cohen statements about makings moves as Mets owner:

It's a new day Mets fans! Uncle Stevie is coming and he's bringing respected baseball minds with him. I understand some people lump Sandy Alderson in with every other GM that has come and failed with the Mets. But anybody that was paying attention to Sandy's carefully worded lowkey passive aggressive press conferences over the years can tell that a lot of the things he did/didn't do were due to having two broke bois as his owners. 

That will clearly NOT be the case with Uncle Stevie at the top of the org chart and anybody that could put together a Mets team that made a World Series and also acquired every consistently good player on the current team is OK in my book. It sounds like it would be OK in a bunch of owners' books too since people seem to think this will help Uncle Stevie get approval from the owners.

I imagine the Mets will now flesh out a front office full of only the finest baseball minds and 20-something Ivy League nerds that money can buy. Scouting reports for days and algorithms for weeks all funneled to a general manager that doesn't have a thousand conflicts of interests since he was their agent mere months earlier. Shit, simply going from Jeff Wilpon being in charge of daily operations to Sandy Alderson is worth at the very minimum 10 wins in my book, not to mention the transformation the entire franchise will go through since it is finally being run competently by an adult for once.


It takes hard work to be that bad in a sport where being in a major market should be a major advantage. I'll pay a scary amount of money to hear Brody (misspelled on purpose) explain his moves over the last two years as Mets GM to Uncle Stevie and Sandy like they are The Bobs from Office Space.

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