The Celtics Season Is Now On Life Support

Kevin C. Cox. Getty Images.

In the biggest game of their season with a chance to even up the series, take all the momentum and put all the pressure on the Miami Heat, the Boston Celtics played one of their most careless games of the postseason. What a terrible time to lay an egg in my professional opinion but thats exactly what they did. First it was Tatum going scoreless in the half. What the hell was that? He looked lifeless to start this game which is kind of a big deal when ya know, he's the best player. Then came the turnovers. How about 8 in the second quarter alone and 11 in the first half. That's fun. Nothing makes shooting 5-19 from three in the first half feel better than turning it over 11 times. 

Then, despite all that, the Celtics still had every opportunity to win this game. Jayson Tatum came alive in the third quarter, dropped 16 points and carried this team back. He had 28 second half points. The Celts even took the lead in the fourth quarter. But they were once again careless with the basketball. Straight up throwing the ball to the other team for no apparent reason. Another 7 turnovers in the quarter. You can't win playoff games with that shit. Smart had a bunch, Tatum had some, Theis with the most outrageous decision my eyes have ever seen while facing no defensive pressure, it was losing basketball. Add to it nobody could stay in front of Tyler Herro who buried this team tonight. Dagger make after dagger make you really have to tip your cap. This wasn't about the refs. This wasn't about not getting calls. This loss was all about self inflicted wounds. 

And now they need a miracle. No other way to say it. Teams have only come back from 3-1 a total of 13 times in NBA history. I don't care that the Nuggets did it twice. The Heat aren't either of those teams. This was the Celtics chance to regain control of the series and they literally threw it away.

Disgusting. See everyone tomorrow to relive the pain.