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No, you guys, this is not a replay from last night. No need to comment REBLOG. It's just the 2nd night in a row that the Indians have let themselves out of the stadium on their own terms. Hey White Sox, mind turning off the lights when you leave?

That's 3 in a row for the Tribe. 6 of the last 7. And after what looked like a ball club that just could not figure it out late into the season, the Indians have completely flipped it around and are scorching hot heading into the playoffs. I said it this morning and I'll say it again, if the top seeds got together and picked their matchups, the Cleveland Indians would be the dead last team picked to play. 

An Updated List of Teams You Don't Want To Play In The Playoffs

1. Cleveland Indians

2. Everyone Else

And that is a 100% serious, no joke statement. Why would you sign up to play a team when you know you're already going to be down 1-0? Especially in a 3-game set to start. I mean, yeah, Cy Beiber didn't have his greatest stuff tonight (10 strikeouts, no earned runs). He got high up in the pitch count early, and you don't like to see that. But I LOVE Tristan McKenzie coming out of the bullpen to eat some innings and keep us right there. Dominant. 

Speaking of dominant, the question now must be asked: Are the Indians going to mess around and win a division title?

We've got another one with the White Sox and then we head off to play the Pirates. The White Sox go play the Cubs. I mean, the way these two teams are trending, we might be popping champagne again in the clubhouse. But honestly, like I said this morning, just call the season now. I'll take the #7 seed. With no home field advantage, I'll take the White Sox in the 1st round, who we've beaten 6 of 8 times this year. Giolito isn't terrible but like I've been saying all year, and the Cy Young voters are about to say, he's no Shane Beiber!