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We Got A #DaddyGang Member Inside The NBA Bubble Saying She Got Someone To Drop $7,000 To Get Her There

And now comes everyone's favorite game. Who dropped $7,000 to get her there? This is where it gets tricky because no team is staying at the Grand Floridian anymore. This is the hotel where all the second tier teams stayed. And I know what you might think, she's clearly pulling some bullshit. But that's where TikTok comes into play. She's a receipt for the haters 

But back to the original video. That's a stocked fridge? My girl, I'm not rich or classy by any means. That's a standard college guy's fridge right there just with a lack of condiments. That and switch out orange juice for some gatorade and beer. Bingo bango, that's a college dude's fridge. Makes me feel better about my fridge honestly. That's not stocked. 

But $7,000. Shit I'd go sit in that room and quarantine for $7,000. Again, the question though is who brought her down. We're going to need a timestamp for her flight. That will really narrow it down. We know it's not my guy Tyler Herro, who already has Katya Elise Henry there. If it's someone there now, I need them work in a gluck gluck reference during an interview. Just drop it for us in the inner circle to know.


PS: Saying 'we've infiltrated new territory' is so goddamn cocky I can only respect it. What a line to announce your presence.