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White Sox vs. Tribe "Please God Beat Shane Bieber Tonight" Live Blog Is LIVE!!!!

The last 5 games have STUNK. They have STUNK to high heavens. That's cool though. We got our ace on the mound and if you're looking for any spin zone whatsoever, look no further than this completely cherrypicked tweet:

Boom. Hammer the Sox tonight. Gio will be big game Gio, Bieber will shit the bed. At least I pray to god that's the case, because I can't take another loss. Last night was by far the most tense I've ever seen White Sox twitter and it was a regular season game. On that note, I'm not sure we are mentally prepare for the playoffs, and make no mistake, tonight is a playoff game. Both teams want this game more than anything and it's the biggest game Giolito has ever pitched in. 

Fuck the Tribe. Sox win 6-2

Lock it up, Rub it down. The live blog is LIVE!!!!