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Ryan Reynolds And Mac From Always Sunny Are On The Verge Of Buying a Welsh Soccer Team


Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor and director Rob McElhenney have been confirmed as the men behind a bid to buy National League side Wrexham. 

The North Wales club confirmed that the duo are the proposed bidders for the 155-year-old outfit, and they are now set to put forward their plans for the club at a Special General Meeting.

Suggestions that a couple of "extremely well-known individuals of high net worth" had approached Wrexham were recently cited in local media, and the club have now made their identities known.

I admittedly don't know a whole lot about soccer, but any team owned by Ryan Reynolds and Mac from Always Sunny is instantly fucking awesome. They will succeed to the highest limits in the near future without a shred of doubt. I mean holy moly what a dynamic duo to join forces and take over the soccer world. Wrexham AFC appear to be among the shittier teams, being located in the fifth tear of soccer leagues called the National League, but in a few years I wouldn't be stunned if they're a powerhouse, demolishing everyone in their path if these two come aboard. Only good things can come of this. 

The craziest part of this whole thing is this tweet from 2012 that randomly mentions Reynolds buying Wrexham. EIGHT YEARS AGO. Someone explain this!

I almost think Reynolds saw this tweet pop up randomly in his mentions and decided to buy them out of curiosity and boredom just to have a cool tweet for today. You can do that kind of thing when you sell your Gin company for $610 million and are an A-list movie star. I understand he didn't get all $610 mill from that sale, but Ryan Reynolds certainly has the fuck you money to do this kind of thing. Being that rich must be so cool. 

Also, let's talk about the voting for approving Reynolds and Mac as potential owners real quick. How in the hell was this not unanimous?  

97.5% of voters (1,223 members) voted in favor of the Resolution

I think the next move here is real easy. Whoever didn't vote for these two to become new owners need to be stripped of their voting rights moving forward and shamed. That's 2.5% of the board you no longer need helping make decisions in the future. Those guys stink out loud. 

P.S. Can we please get a behind the scenes documentary of these two running the show? I'd never watch something any quicker. Need to know what they propose to the board about their future plans.