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2020 Keeps Being A Real Son Of A Bitch: Chris Mack Doesn't Know If UK/UofL Will Play Because 'It's Not Fair To Play In Front Of No Fans'

I swear to God if 2020 takes this away from us I'm going to complain about it so much on Twitter. Now do I think it's a little soft to say it's not fair to host Kentucky and then have to go back to Rupp? Sure, it 100% is. It's basketball. You play the game no matter what. Plus, let's be honest, it doesn't matter where this game is played Kentucky wins nearly every time under Calipari. Fans, no fans, it doesn't matter, Kentucky just beats Louisville 11 out of 13 times under Calipari. 

But this is a game that's so important to the Commonwealth. It's something that needs to happen. It's one of the two biggest rivalries in the sport and college basketball needs Kentucky/Louisville. It matters so much people fight while getting dialysis. I know people not familiar with the area don't get it, but that's also what makes this thing so special. That's why it needs to happen. It doesn't matter if it's neutral court. Shit, Kentucky can play at Louisville two years in a row. I don't care, it's gonna be a win anyways. 

As awesome as some of the ideas are for college hoops this year with bubbles and getting unique nonconference games, it better not be at the expense of things like this. Like I said, college hoops needs this as much as the state. Put them in Bowling Green, Northern Kentucky, wherever and let's get this settled. Shit, you can come play in my driveway even. Get two hoops and a ref and let's suit up already.