Retired Logger Whips Young Whippersnappers Into Shape By Casually Cruising Down The River Like Proud Mary

There is ZERO chance I could pull that off. How in the fuck is this old fella just doin this like it's his job? Well, maybe because it was his job for a long time. The caption I saw on Reddit said that this dude is a retired logger so that's probably the case. You cant take Reddit's word for it though so I wont say that for sure. 

Logging is a fucking wild job. You've got rough men and WOMEN in the mountains, foothills, prairies, and whathaveyou searching for logs, cutting down logs, and doing all kinds of god knows what in between. I imagine the work is stressful. Chainsaws ripping. Heavy machines doing heavy machine things. So, if you get put on log riding down the river duty, you relish it like it's a hot dog in Wrigley. 

To that end, here's one of my all-time favorite documentaries about logging. It's from 1926 and involves some fellas in Idaho ripping it up on the river. Incredible. ENJOY