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RIP Gayle Sayers: Watch "Brian's Song" FULL MOVIE

Gayle Sayers played in the mid 60s and into the early 70s, so myself and most people at Barstool not named Brandon Walker aren't old enough to have ever experienced watching him play football first hand. That said, I vividly remember watching Barry Sanders back in the 90s with my dad where my dad would say, "Barry Sanders is the closest thing I've ever seen to Gayle Sayers, who's the best RB of all time." That's not meant as a slight to Sweetness or anyone else, it's just my idiotic father William Williams* take. That said, he would also talk about how Sayers could be running full speed down the side line and cut at a 90 degree angle to avoid a defender. Legit ankle snapping lateral agility. It could have been the reason for him blowing out his knee and retiring in the prime of his career. Bodies just aren't meant to move like he moved. 

On that note, in order to kill off 74 mins in your cube on your couch while you send work emails, we're going to watch Brian's Song together in full. As Johnny Drama said, it's the "ultimate guy cry movie". Tears on tears on tears.  

Pour back a great tasting, less filling Miller Lite for the Kansas Comet today. One of the most electrifying running backs to ever step foot on the grid iron.

*the actor that played Gayle Sayers in Brian's Song was Billy Dee Williams aka William Dee Williams. My dad is William Williams, Jr. and I, WSD, was supposed to be William Williams III. 

Something to think about