Pregnant Woman Braves Shark-Infested Waters to Save Her Man From an Attack

Source - A man who suffered a “severe” shark bite while snorkeling in Florida with his family was pulled to safety by his pregnant wife, who leaped into the water to rescue him, according to authorities and local reports.

Andrew Eddy, 30, was snorkeling on a private boat at Sombrero Key Light on Sunday when he was bitten on the shoulder by a shark “almost immediately” upon entering the water, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.  

Deputy Christopher Aguanno wrote in his report that Eddy’s wife, Margot Dukes Eddy, saw the shark’s dorsal fin, and then saw the water fill with blood, the Miami Herald reported.

“Dukes, without hesitation, dove into the water and pulled Eddy to the safety of the boat,” Aguanno reportedly wrote. ...

His injuries were described as “severe,” though his condition has not been released. 

Congratulations to Margot Dukes Eddy and her husband Andrew. Together you two have raised the bar of Couples Goals to a level that can never be surpassed. 

You know all those memes that begin, "Find someone who loves you ___"? Well you've just rendered them all null & void. Anything less than, "Find someone who'll dive into waters chummed with her husband's blood and brave a shark attack on her and her unborn baby to save his ass" doesn't constitute romantic love any more. It barely qualifies as "crush," "infatuation" or even "friends with benefits," never mind "romance." What's the greatest love story ever told? Antony & Cleopatra? Romeo & Juliet? Jack & Rose? Mila Kunis & Natalie Portman (NSFWish)? Until one them is willing to risk the life of herself and the child she's carrying, those are barely casual acquaintances. 

Never mind the courage on display here. Consider for one second the biology. I lived with an expectant mom through two pregnancies. Now I don't remember a ton of it, because I had a dependable Designated Driver for 18 total months and took full advantage of it. So the details are hazy. But the thing you marvel at is the way the entire female body becomes super-tuned to one thing and one thing only: Protecting that future baby. Seriously, it's like a super power. They go from average, mild-mannered woman to Diana, Daughter of Zeus and Princess of Themyscira in an instant. Their sense of smell can detect expiring yogurt in the fridge of a house as you drive past it. They can see and hear potential threats coming a mile away. Think faster. Be more alert. Sense when you're ordering another beer instead of coming home right after golf like you said you would. It's truly a miracle of science. 

So for Margot to put that gestating little bundle of joy at risk of getting bitten by a highly evolved, razor-toothed murder sub potentially in the middle of a feeding frenzy just to save her husband is probably the bravest act I've ever heard of. Given the choice between saving me and one of the heirs to The Thornton Empire, my own motherly, nurturing Irish Rose probably would've dumped a bait bucket over my head and saved her son. And I can't say I would've disagreed with her decision. 

So well done, Margot the Hero. That's one husband and father-to-be who'll be trying to pay her back for the rest of his life and will never be able to.