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Watch This Awesome Moment Between Hayden Hurst And Dak Prescott After Sunday's Game

You may remember two weeks ago when Dak Prescott was called a looooooooooser by Dak Prescott for **gasp** discussing his mental health during quarantine, which also overlapped with his brother's suicide. Skip got completely clowned on Twitter for his take and issued a fake apology. 

After Sunday's game between the Falcons and Cowboys, Hayden Hurst went up to Dak Prescott and this awesome moment followed:

What a lot of people don't know about Hayden Hurst is he started out as a professional baseball player. Unfortunately, he developed the yips which derailed his career and led him into a dark place mentally. He went on to switch to playing football at South Carolina but still dealt with depression and anxiety. He attempted suicide in January 2016 and has strived to help others ever since.

Hurst has had a foundation with his mother, called the Hayden Hurst Foundation. If you feel inclined to donate you can.