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Monday Morning Metaphor On A Tuesday...Kid Smashes Bully In The Face With Glass Bottle

Annnnd welcome back to work after a beautiful long weekend. Flying high after the official start of summer, feeling nice and relaxed, maybe you got yourself a nice little tan, maybe even messed around and go laid. Feeling ready to wake up, take a shower, then march in and bully the rest of the short work week when BOOM the real world hits you in the face like a motherfucking glass bottle. Stacks of files on your desk, hangover slowly sneaking in raising to crippling levels by lunchtime, boss up your asshole. Almost makes the high of Memorial Day Weekend not worth the low.

Nothing will chase the smells of the ocean breeze and hot dogs grilling on the barbeque away faster than picking shards of glass bottle out of your eyeballs. That’s for damn sure.