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Watching Tim Dillon Dupe A Real Estate Agent Into Thinking He's Going To Buy A Massive Commercial Property Is Absolutely Hilarious

(6:17 - 9:59 for the call) 

I told myself I was going to stop blogging Tim Dillon, but then I saw this clip and couldn't help myself. I mean we've all done a little fake business, right? Maybe not to the level where we call someone live on a podcast and ask extremely pointed questions to completely fool them into thinking we represent a bevy of wealthy overseas clients, but smaller scale scams. Perhaps you looked at an apartment you know you couldn't afford, or pretended to be interested in a car in order to get a test drive. Everyone's guilty of it but no one, I repeat, no one, is as good at it as Tim Dillon. The second he got the guy on the phone (6:17) he was completely in character. "Hey buddy how are ya." Hilarious. Watch the whole thing if you've got the time. Three more days till the weekend, friends. Hang in there.