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Watch This Woman Go APESHIT on a Store's Wine Shelf for Being Asked to Follow Social Distancing Guidelines

You thought the United States was the only country that had insane middle-aged women who could snap at any moment in public places for being asked to follow the same rules everyone else has to? Well think again, because this video comes to us from our friends in the United Kingdom, where a British Karen — or maybe an Elizabeth to differentiate — was simply asked to follow the one-way directions in the store.

Instead, she went straight for the wine and proceeded to just spray the entire shelf on the floor. As stunts go, you'd be hard-pressed to find one which will better convey your refusal to comply. In the U.S., the Karens just make crazy faces and tell people they're sheep for wearing masks. The Elizabeths take action.

Also, not that I was at all rooting for anything to happen, but would you not be a little concerned about indiscriminately slinging glass bottles all around you? She walked right through a pile of glass shards like it was her front lawn.

But I suppose when you're a crazy person, things like that don't stop you from doing crazy person things — after all, the sane people aren't going to do them. The Karens might be off the hook for a while. We're onto the Elizabeths now.