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We All Should Be Ashamed For Not Wishing The World's Hottest Grandma A Happy 50th Birthday Yesterday

This is Gina Stewart, the world's hottest grandma. Go ahead and argue, but that's her actual Instagram handle and rules are rules. She's a bit of an icon here on Barstool Sports as this is officially the 7th time she's had a blog about her since October, 2018. Think we might have a type or something here. Just a reminder, it started all with her fighting with Instagram over nudes: 

Coming in hot nonetheless. Then she dug her heels in and vowed to never change, which made her hotter

Naturally she made sure to help out her country. She wanted to save the koalas damnit! 

And then she gave us the key to fall in love with her

But yesterday was a big day. The World's Hottest Grandma hit the big 5-0. She celebrated in style with balloons and damn message from a helicopter. That's how you do it. So shame on us for missing it. Consider this a belated happy birthday from your friends at Barstool, World's Hottest Grandma.