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Chances Are You're Having A Better Weekend Than This Spiderman Who Knocked Himself Out At A Kids Birthday Party



Laugh out loud funny.  It couldn’t have worked out better that he successfully landed a few tricks before ultimately knocking himself out cold.  You know how in Hot Tub Time Machine there’s the bellhop who they know, at some point, is going to lose his right arm and it keeps almost happening and the guys get excited each time?  That’s how I felt watching fake Spiderman every time he did a back flip or spin off the wall.  This is it!  He’s gonna knock himself out!  Ahhhh nope.  No, this is it!  Damn, nope again.  Then it finally happened.  Just crushed his face onto the hard floor and blacked out.  The payoff was totally worth the wait.  That video is also further proof that little kids are monsters.  Spiderman’s body was laying motionless on the floor and the kids were laughing it up and kicking his lifeless limbs.  Brutal.