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Matthew McConaughey Watching His "Dazed and Confused" Audition Tape For The First Time Is As Cool As You'd Imagine

Damn. It doesn't get any smoother than McConaughey. Perhaps some small batch bourbon refined with Texas mesquite and oak charcoals, but that's about it. He's a first ballot Hall of Famer dude. 

There are so many celebrities out there who are so full of bullshit. They seem like they'll do or say whatever they think the majority of people want them to do or say. But for 28 years, it seems like Matthew McConaughey knows exactly who he is and what he's about. He's got this crazy rare level of authenticity and that's what makes him such a legend. His brain is out there for sure, but it's out there authentically. So you know he's not bullshitting when he says he just went to this audition to try to get a little job for the summer. And 

A summer job that eventually led to him receiving an Academy Award for Best Actor. (Sick speech alert). 

Doesn't get much cooler. 

By the way--if you've never heard McConaughey talk about the development of Wooderson, that's also an awesome watch/listen. 

Alright alright alright.