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There Were More Chairs Thrown In This Fight Than Cowboys Playoffs Wins In The Past 20 Years

I counted at least 4, possibly 5 chair throws in this video. And that's from a video that was filmed vertically. Could you imagine if we got a wide shot of this donnybrook? I'd imagine we would get closer to 6 maybe 7 chairs thrown. 

That's DOUBLE the amount of playoff wins the Cowboys have had since the turn of the century. 

Only possible explanation I can think of here is that this was a watch party for all the weird defector Dallas fans in Philly who grew up loving the Cowboys because they hated their father. If there's one thing I know about the wonderful people of Dallas, they would never succumb to this type of childish behavior. Fighting and attempting homiciding each other all because of a football game? Save that for the scumbags in Philly. Never in a million years could the true fans of America's Team act in this manner. 

How bout dem Cowboys.