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RIP Road Warrior Animal

Another day, another wrestling superstar gone way too soon. Joe Laurinaitis AKA Road Warrior Animal died at the age of 60 last night of what they are calling natural causes after we lost Hawk to a heart attack back in 2003 at the ripe age of 46, which unfortunately is nothing new to wrestling fans. As someone that grew up with the Legion of Doom in the early 90s, I can tell you that no tag team was ever cooler than LoD at their zenith and I still have the Doomsday Device as my favorite tag team finisher ever. 

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That "Ooooooh what a rush" hit EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Joe Laurinaitis wasn't just a sports entertainment icon but also someone that left a huge mark on the sports world since his son is former Ohio State stud linebacker James Laurinaitis and Joe helped create a little company known as Zubaz, which for the uncultured, is the preferred outfit for members of #BillsMafia as they drunkenly throw themselves through tables in various states of fire.

RIP an absolute legend.