I'm Still Taken Aback At Just How Corny Dwight Howard Consistently Is And Confirming He's The Worst Shit Talker In Basketball History

Every so often I'm taken aback by something in the NBA. Granted, I've watched this sport for like 3 decades now and each time I think I've seen something new, there's always something lurking around the corner. Typically this is reserved for a ridiculous new move, a new player, something like that. But, oh no, my friends. This is about just how bad Dwight Howard is at talking shit. It's almost impossible to be this bad. Remember this is his SECOND attempt at talking shit to Nikola Jokic: 

And then last night we get the 'Batman coming for you The Joker.' First of all, Dwight gave himself the Superman nickname. Now he's Batman? Not to mention it's just so fucking corny, especially while Jokic absolutely cooks. Listen, I'm all for shit talking too. The world needs more of it. But you can't be this bad at it. I don't care how corny Dwight always is, you can't be this bad at talking shit. Give me something creative and that makes somewhat of sense. Fucking Dwight man, corniest dude to ever play, worst shit talker to ever play.