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The WWE Has Invited Michael Sam To Join RAW Next Monday Night (Plus, Some Quick Wrestling Chit Chat)


WWE knows Monday Night Football is starting next week and is going for all the ratings grabs they can. Kinda sucks this is the way they’re going about it, instead of you know, making a better product. I’d say there’s a 0.1% chance Michael Sam shows up, but the WWE sure as fuck doesn’t care- they had his name and face plastered all over RAW last night and it was stupid.

Beginning wrestling chit chat here:

Which brings me to the next point- RAW last night was probably the worst RAW of the year. NOBODY gives a single fuck about this Bella twins nonsense. Good lord it’s terrible. They can’t act their ways out of a paper bag and are getting way more screen time than everyone else on the roster. The WWE was flying high pre-wrestlemania. Everything was clicking, even with that Batista nonsense. It’s all come crumbling apart because they refuse to let their superstars shine. Nothing makes sense. Ziggler doesn’t cut promos on TV, but Roman Reigns does. Guy can’t string together 2 sentences but is allowed an open mic. And by the way, he’s so boring to me. You can already see they are setting him up to be the new Super Cena, and it sucks to sky. The product as a whole is pretty weak right now. Kane is still main eventing. Two guys were over: Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose. Wyatt got buried for no reason, and Ambrose went to film a movie. Daniel Bryan is hurt, CM Punk is never coming back, and the champion Brock Lesnar doesn’t even appear on TV.

I switched over to the Saved By The Bell movie on Lifetime last night instead of RAW. And the thing is, we all know HHH is smart, and we all know he probably hates the product he put on TV last night. He has to. Hopefully he can gain more control over the company, because last night, and really the last month or so, have been terrible for the most part. There’s no interesting story lines, they bury people the fans like and push people we hate, and new stars aren’t being created, they are being ruined. And of course Jericho, one of the only bright spots on TV every week, is leaving this month to go on tour with his band.

Now cue the comments letting me know a scripted TV show is scripted!