In Today's Dumbass News: Kentucky High School Basketball Is Getting Rid Of The Jump Ball And Doing A Coin Toss Instead

Listen, it probably doesn't need to be said but just to be safe obviously everyone's safety and health is concern number 1. But what the hell are we doing here? If we're going to let high school be played, what does getting rid of the jump ball do? That's arguably when the players are furthest apart! It's time the ball is the cleanest, only the ref has the ball in his hands. I hate everything about this because it's just so goddamn stupid. The beauty of basketball? There is no coin toss! You don't have some bullshit like that. You line up, if you have a good coach you have some sort of play design off the tip each game and then you go play ball. It's perfect. 

I just can't get over how dumb this is going to look. Captains out there for a coin toss, does the winner get to defer? Either play the games as normal or don't play the games. It's that simple. All things considered, going to a coin toss instead of the jump ball is the dumbest thing I've ever seen.