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Robert Griffin III Is Very Optimistic About The Offense Entering the Regular Season, Saying "We've fixed what we needed to fix"

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Pretty sure everyone in the world laughed out loud at “That’s for us to know and you to find out”. Just hilarious. I love how simplistic his attitude is. Nothing has changed for him since 8th grade pee-wee football. He has a force field around him and you can’t tag him. No backsies. Someone heckles him from the sidelines? Well tough shit, heckler, because he’s rubber and you’re glue, whatever bounces off of me stick to you. That’s the RG3 we all know and love. So what if the first team offense couldn’t put a TD up on the board in 4 preseason games? You read the quote. That shit is fixed. And I believe him. I’m an Optimistic Eric, not a Negative Nate. Preseason doesn’t matter. They were working out the kinks. Can’t oil a machine if it doesn’t have any rust, am I right? I’m right. Please let me be right. I can’t go through another year like last year. My liver can’t handle it.