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Tim Anderson Took Trevor Bauer Deep And Told Him To "Vlog About That", So Bauer Vlogged It And Called Anderson Soft For Not Bat-Flipping

This, folks, is how it's done. This is how you rip up the unwritten rules of baseball and actually have fun without anybody's feelings getting hurt. This is example number one. Top of the list. This is how you enjoy the game of baseball with all of the animated celebrations and shit talk without anybody getting 98 to the ribs because of a fragile ego. It's just real recognizing real.

Tim Anderson took Trevor Bauer deep on Saturday and was mic'd up for the game. After rounding the bags, Anderson said "vlog about that" and you just knew Bauer was going to. And he did. But then Bauer chirped back and called TA soft for not bat-flipping it, as he's often been known to do. This, if you were unaware, is a callback to a tweet that Anderson sent Bauer last year after the Reds hurler commended the White Sox shortstop for his epic bat-flip against Brad Keller of the Royals.

I'm actually with Bauer on this one. The only way this storyline could've achieved the chef's kiss of perfection would've been if Anderson went full Keller on Bauer's ass and flipped his bat to the moon. If there's one guy in Major League Baseball Anderson could've pulled a stunt like that against without any retaliation whatsoever, it's Bauer. Get 'em next time.