These Pool Trick Shots Are So Absurd I Can't Believe They Are Real Despite The Fact They Are Real


What in the world? You could give me from now until the end of time to learn to do 3 of these and the end of time would come first. Now I don't know how this man makes money being the best at trick shots in the universe, but I hope he found a way. By the way, I love that pool is still one of the last games you can make a living hustling people at. Just popping around pool hall to pool hall, working people for 50 bucks a game. I'm sure there are some professional pool players, but the number has to be microscopic. Kinda weird we never fully embraced professional pool, despite the fact everyone plays the game for fun at some time or another. Maybe it's because the players are too good? They should include trick shots into games to spice it up a bit. Or every so often you need to play with your eyes closed or with your clothes lit on fire. Something to spruce it up a smidge. 

But trick shots, no matter what, will always impress me. This one at the end, did you even realize what happened at first? The black balls replaced the red ones!




I could watch these all day. It's magic. Or as Joey said, witchcraft. He's like, one of 5 people in the world who can do something like this. I can't get enough of it.