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Rory McIlroy Professing His Love For Domino's Pizza To Justin Thomas Is Fantastic Content


Speak that truth to power, Rors! I knew I loved Rory McIlroy. I just fucking knew it. I've been a huge fan of his for a decade now so of course he loves Domino's pizza because Domino's pizza is delicious. I am Rory and Rory is me (minus all the fame and success and money). You can tell us we're wrong about Domino's pizza being good until you're blue in the face but that makes you wrong. I don't care what any of you pizza elitists have to say, if I order a Domino's pizza, you're eating some. That's a fact. It's bread and cheese and sauce and toppings and it's cooked and it's delicious. Get off your high horse. Live a little. Put down your swords and let's eat some chain pizza together. It will be fine I promise. Your favorite local pizza shop isn't going anywhere. I'm sure that pizza is good too. You can like both.

What a funny moment between Rory and JT. Rory said it half embarrassed but so earnestly. He genuinely loves Domino's. Rory and his wife and their new baby are simply on a gigantic Domino's kick at the moment. There's no time to cook anymore so just dial up Domino's and be done with it. 30-45 minutes later a delicious pizza, some delicious bread sticks and piping hot lava cakes show up right to your door. It's perfect. Moments like that are what make these mic'd up matches so great. You never know when you're gonna get a random gem like Rory McIlroy professing his love for Domino's pizza to Justin Thomas. So awesome.

PS- I'll be stunned if Rory doesn't have a Domino's sponsorship by the end of the week. STUNNED.