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According To Chris Broussard's Sources The Clippers Role Players Thought They Were Just As Good As Paul George And Didn't Like Him Getting Special Treatment

I have to admit, I'm enjoying what is going on with the Clippers. They're getting killed and for good reason. Don't be so cocky all damn year and act like you've already won 5 titles and then not even make the Conference Finals because you blew a 3-1 lead. A blown series in which you had three straight games with a double digit lead. You do that and you deserve everything that comes with it.

Now I know what you're thinking. There goes Chris Broussard again with his #Sources. That it's probably bullshit. Well, this might sound weird to hear, but I 1000000000000% believe him. Why? Well it's simple. One of the role players on the Clippers was Marcus Morris. I've spent a whole hell of a lot of time in my life watching Mook play, and I can confidently say he absolutely thinks he's better than Paul George. When Mook is on the floor his brain has him convinced he's the best player in the league and should be taking every shot. You might also remember a certain locker room had a problem when Gordon Hayward was getting special treatment when he first came back despite playing like shit. Who was one of those guys that helped fuel that drama? Marcus Morris. 

There was also the issue with Harrell and George

so yeah I think we can all agree that the Clippers role players definitely felt that way. 

Here's the only problem I have with this whole thing. Who do these Clippers role players that they are where could have this stance? Let's take a quick look at how the role players performed since the Clips took that 3-1 lead

Lou Williams - 8.3 points per game on 31/18% shooting

Marcus Morris - 8 points per game on 29/31% shooting

Patrick Beverley - 7.7 points per game on 52/37% shooting

Montrezl Harrell - 10 points per game on 57% shooting and a whole lot of terrible defense

I'm not saying George was great, he stunk out loud given his status in the league but he did throw up 23/5/3 on 38/33% from Game 4 on. If you want to talk shit about how you are better than someone, you sort of have to produce yourself right? In Game 7, Lou Williams shot 27/25%, Mook shot 22/16%, shit even Kawhi shot 27/28%. It wasn't just George who stunk it up with his 25/18%.

I also feel like it's sort of a cop out that Kawhi skates free with this whole thing. Who gives a shit that he came through in SA and TOR. Last time I checked this was about the Clippers. What has he done for that franchise? He only shot 40% from the field in their three losses, that's not good by his standards. Where was the lockdown defense to limit Jamal Murray? That is sort of weird right? I feel like when a guy is talked about being the best in the league and then he throws up three straight eggs and has just as brutal Game 7, he shouldn't get a pass and George gets all the blame but that's what appears to be happening. 

All this tells me one thing. If the Clippers have another underachieving year, George is 100% opting out of his player option. They'll probably let Doc walk and just pray that Kawhi wants to stay home and not opt out as well. 

If you ask me this is only the beginning of the leaks that are going to come out surrounding this team and I for one cannot wait to hear what comes next

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