Danny Lee Issues An Apology For His Behavior At Winged Foot During The US Open

Quick flashback to Danny Lee at the US Open on Friday

Danny Lee's apology today 

To that I say BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I loudly boo that apology. I'm not booing Danny Lee for what he did at Winged Foot, I'm booing Danny Lee for apologizing for it. Who cares that he did that?! Honestly who gives a single shit about what he did? Well clearly it was his sponsors, but still. I hate when professional golfers apologize for things that make them more relatable. Danny Lee tapping his ball around that green like it was miniature golf made me LOVE Danny Lee. In that moment he was just a guy who had been physically and mentally broken down by a golf course and it caused him to lose his mind, whomst among us hasn't been in that exact spot?

Not to mention it had to be the most -viewed moment of the entire US Open outside of Bryson winning the damn thing. I've watched the video no less than 100 times since it surfaced. And people aren't watching that video and shaking their heads like, "This guy just doesn't respect the game of golf." Sure maybe some crusty assholes like Ol' Huggsy are viewing it that way but the VASTTTTTTTTT majority of people are watching that video being like, "I've been there. Lord knows I've been there." I guess I just hate when the powers that be make a guy apologize for something that doesn't need to be apologized for. Golf is hard. Golf is REALLY fucking hard at a place like Winged Foot during a US Open. It's gonna make a few guys lose their minds. That's all that happened to Danny Lee and it was fascinating to watch. No apology needed.

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