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Which Three 1999 Movies Would You Delete FOREVER?

Click the hyperlinks to see both me and Jeff's rankings as well as locations to stream (or rent) the movies.

Column A (The MatrixThe Iron GiantToy Story 2): This is hard, but for me it has to be Toy Story 2. Before you get steaming mad, hear out my reasoning on it. The movie is great, but both the original and Toy Story 2 are better. So why delete one of my other favorite childhood movies in The Iron Giant or one of the most iconic sci-fi movies ever made?

Column B (Fight ClubBeing John MalkovichThree Kings): This is kind of hard to judge. Being John Malkovich is arguably the best movie out of these three, but I enjoy the other two so much more. Sorry, John. 

Column C (The Sixth SenseThe MummyOffice Space): There is no world in which I get rid of The Mummy or Office Space, so see you later Sixth Sense.

But who cares what I think. Vote for which three you would pick in the form below or by clicking HERE.