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Hasn't Been a Good Week For Pirates - Big Time Somali Pirate Kingpin Was Also Arrested, Probably By Twitter

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News 24 – Somali security forces have arrested one of the country’s most powerful pirate chiefs, who once hijacked giant vessels earning him multi-million dollar ransoms, security sources said on Tuesday. Mohamed Garfanji was seized late on Sunday in the capital Mogadishu along with several of his well-armed bodyguards, according to foreign and Somali security sources. There was no official confirmation from the internationally-backed government, and sources could not confirm if he was still being held. Both the United States and the Seychelles reportedly want to question him for his alleged kidnapping of citizens from both nations. However, last year President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud offered an amnesty to junior pirates in a bid to end attacks off the Horn of Africa nation’s coast, but said it was not open to their leaders. It was not clear if Garfanji, who was arrested during a disarmament campaign and not for piracy had received an amnesty. The notoriously elusive pirate once commanded a small private army. Ships he captured allegedly include the South Korean supertanker Samho Dream, which was released after nine months in 2010 for a record $9m ransom.

Fucking Twitter man. I think we need to launch an all-out war? Move back to Myspace? They are cracking down on pirates in ways that haven’t been seen in decades, maybe even years. Somalian pirates, internet pirates, parrot cartoon pirates, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t think Twitter has something to do with this Somalian guy getting busted you just aren’t using your head. I don’t know where this crackdown came from or what it means for the future of sea faring internet vessels, but I don’t like the smell of it whatsoever. I’m over here fighting for my Twitter life, doing the doggy paddle while I await for a response to my Suspended Account Reactivation case, and they are moving on to Somalians like I don’t even exist in 140 characters anymore. But that’s where they are wrong. @NateySparrow lives on to continue chasing da booty.