The World Needs Peyton Manning and Charles Barkley on Their Own Television Show

During last night's Monday Night Football "megacast", ESPN had SEC legends Peyton Manning and Charles Barkley come on for a segment and they were even better than you would imagine they'd be.

The two traded jabs talking about Tennessee and Auburn and their upcoming matchup this season. Manning mentioned how the game was given to Tennessee as a "gift" from the SEC while "Alabama and LSU got Vanderbilt and Kentucky, I think." Chuck then proceeded to tell Peyton he needs to donate more money if Tennessee is going to get back on track.

I just absolutely love these two guys. I honestly think if I could have dinner with any three people currently living, these would be two of them — and then maybe a president or something, but Peyton and Chuck are there. I obviously love seeing them talk some SEC football, but I would watch these guys talk about absolutely anything.

Manning has continually refused ESPN's advances to work on Monday Night Football, but I would be over the moon if Turner could convince him to sign on to do some sort of show with Barkley. I don't even care what they talk about, just get those guys on screen together and watch the ratings go through the roof.

Other than The Rock, are there two more universally loved people in the country than Manning and Barkley? This is the media power duo we so desperately need.

Somebody make it happen.