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Instagram Model Who Loves Dressing Up As Cat Women In Jail After Being Getaway Driver For Teenage Boys

Daily Mail - An Instagram model who embarked on a series of bizarre robberies and was caught with a knife in Target has been locked up again.

Monique Marina Agostino, 25, was originally sentenced to two years in jail after being convicted for going on a crime spree in Sydney in 2018. 

She was released on bail earlier this year while appealing against her sentence, but was arrested again in September after a warrant for her arrest was issued when she failed to appear in court over claims she breached her bail conditions. 

Before her descent from Instagram star to serial offender began, Agostino accumulated thousands of followers after sharing racy photos of her wearing bikinis on the beach and in a tight Catwoman outfit.

Her first foray into a life of crime came in 2018, when she became involved in a series of burglaries in Sydney's north shore.

The then 22-year-old became getaway driver for teenage boys who robbed an Italian restaurant and tried to break into a fruit shop and cafe.

The crew donned black masks and used chisels to break into the Pound of Pizza restaurant at Killarney Heights on November 6. Their efforts were caught on CCTV. 

On the same day, Agostino was also caught using a stolen credit card to buy $11.55 worth of fast food from McDonald's in Brookvale.

She was also convicted of stealing a $90 jacket from Supre, and possessing a knife and drugs - meth and diazepam - inside Target in Blacktown's Westpoint Shopping Centre.

"They say you can't turn a bad girl good,
but once a good girl gone bad,
she gone forever.." - Jay-Z, "Song Cry"


Where to begin with the lovely Monique here?

First off, bad girl! 

If you're going to pursue a life of crime Monique, might I suggest setting your aim a little higher?

Instead of lifting $90 jackets and buying a number 4 from McDonald's on a stolen credit card how about heading to Wall St.? Or Dubai? 

There are endless stockpiles of socially-stupid older men with money coming out of their ears that would literally pay you for your services. They'd also make much better marks than a fucking Target. 

Also, blackmail. Ever heard of it? 

When you're an attractive female the world is your oyster. The possibilities are endless. Clean this shit up and at the very very least start making money the good old fashioned way.