Both Heat And Celtics Fans Have Another Reason To Be Even More Nervous About Game 4

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That GIF right there does a great job of how I think both Miami Heat Fans and Boston Celtics fans feel right now. Why? Well because if you notice, neither Scott Foster or Tony Brothers are working the Lakers game tonight which means one thing

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This is one of those rare instances where both fanbases are terrified about how this game will be called. Game 4 is such a huge game for both sides. The Celts win and their 0-2 hole means absolutely nothing. It'll be as if it never happened. The Heat win and they take a commanding 3-1 lead. I know those things haven't exactly been great to have this postseason, but more often than not you survive a 3-1 lead. The point is both sides have a ton at stake tomorrow night so the reality of going into that game with BOTH Scott Foster and Tony Brothers would scare anyone.

Remember the Lakers Game 1? Remember the Lakers getting 24 FTA in one quarter? Guess who was working that game. Yup, Scott Foster and Tony Brothers. The poor Nuggets were dead before they even knew it. 

As a Celtics fan, I look at it like this. When the NBA needs a series to be extended, they send Scott Foster. They don't even try and hide it. That should make you feel good and make Heat fans nervous right? Well not so fast. The Celtics are also 3-18 in games with Tony Brothers. So, is this the league trying to mask the shady shit they've told Foster to pull because they are also including someone like Brothers to make it look even? Or, is this the case of the NBA saying you know what, we want that MIA vs LAL Finals for the LeBron vs his old team storyline so let's make that happen. Who knows. Honestly the fact that this is even a topic of debate is a gigantic problem for the league. When you are heading into one of the biggest games of the season for each of these two teams, fans shouldn't even have to think about who the officials are. But as long as both Foster and Brothers get these big games, it's always going to happen. Both sides are going to think they get a bad whistle and shit is fixed, and you would think the league would want to avoid that at all costs when we are this deep into the conference finals. 

All I know is this when it comes to the Celts chances in Game 4. I don't care who the officials are. They are not going to be the ones that make this team play like assholes like we've seen in all three games so far. The refs don't make you stop moving the ball, play lazy offensively and turn it over. Not getting calls and having guys get into early foul trouble is nothing new for this team. Daniel Theis has gone into games already having 2 fouls basically every game this season. If they play the right way and play with the right energy and effort, they can win no matter who the officials are.

If calls are going to be dogshit, I just hope they are dogshit for BOTH sides for the full 48 minutes. This series has been too good and the teams have been too even to have it weighted so heavily one way. Let these two duke it out and let the best team win. Please.