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How To Order At McDonald's (Updated)

I was in Detroit yesterday for the Barstool Classic* and naturally stopped at McDonald's on my way to the golf course. Maybe it's excessive but I'd estimate that 66% of trips to/from a golf course involve a stop at McDonald's but that's a different blog for a different day. For now, I just wanted to present an alternative option for when you hit the drive thru that doesn't involve fucking with the person taking your order and making $whatever/hour. Unnatural marketing campaigns from disconnected global management should not mean some junior in high school has to put up with your shit. 

*It's amazing to me that something as nice as the Barstool Classic exists. The production is world class, but more importantly the camaraderie is so special that I kinda need to hear Jim Nantz talk about it. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if Barstool had it's own mini tour some day with a jacket for the champ and everything.