Answering The Age Old Question- "Is it 'for fuck sake' or 'for fuck's sake'"?


Weirdly enough, I've been thinking about this off an on for a while now because I'll use this phrase every so often in a blog. Is it grammatically correct to say "for fuck sake" or "for fuck's sake"?

I feel like when I say it out loud, I'll usually say "ohhh for fuck sake". Singular. But when I type it I feel it then becomes possessive of the fuck, making it "for fuck's sake". Also when you say it out loud the words kind of blend together, so it often sounds like "fuckssake", as if it's one word.

As it turns out more people have been thinking about this than we thought:



Now, I don't think there is necessarily a wrong answer here, as language is constantly evolving. But what is the correct answer? Thankfully the internet is here to provide it.



Ding ding ding! We have an answer. It's for the sake of all of the fucks, not just the one fuck at the moment. Now you know how to be grammatically correct in your next work email, which hopefully finds the recipient well and they ping you when they circle back on the status call by EOD.