KFC Radio Episode 25, Part 2 - The One Where We Met A Black, Hispanic, Jew That Is Also A Marine

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So this week we tried and a new thing where we took live calls on the show. Just figured we’d get the usual degenerate Stoolies that are near and dear to all of our hearts. WRONG. We basically hit every demographic with our FIRST caller. A black, hispanic jew that is also in the Marines. All we needed was for him to be handicapped and gay and we would have hit it all.


Anyway, the other voicemail that stuck out on this show was the guy that called asking what our 1 talent would be in a talent show and then finished his VM by saying my one talent would be shitting my pants. And after my initial shock and defensiveness wore off I realized something. I literally have ZERO talents. None. There is nothing I do in life that is exceptional. Everything is average. I suck at a lot of things, I can do some things ok, and that’s it. Except of course being an adult who poops himself, so I guess he was right, that is my one talent, and also the reason why no one in my family speaks to me anymore. But I guess I need to own it now. That’s my legacy.  People see me around town and they’ll say, there goes Big Cat, average guy, phenomenal pants shitter.


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