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Kevin Durant Says He Still Talks About The Knicks All The Time Because 'Those Knick Fans And Knicks Media Bothered Me For The Whole Year'

Uhh yeah dude, of course we bothered for you a whole year. Reports came out that you were leaving Golden State and considering the Knicks. Oh, we're also Knicks fans. This is what we do. We get all giddy, we look at photoshops, we read all these reports, we talk a lot and then we get our hearts ripped out. That's just part of the game, Kevin! And spare me the whole 'I was never considering the Knicks.' Yeah you were dude. That's why we kept talking for a whole year. Everyone and their mother knew you were leaving Golden State. 

Here's the problem. Yeah, Durant can say whatever the fuck he wants now. I always say I want dudes that speak their mind and don't give canned answer bullshit. BUT, you had a whole year for this. Sure, talk your shit now, but you could have said this for the entire year. Instead he just played it off. Not to mention all the revisionist history going on here in terms of going against reports and what happened, etc. Just say you wanted to play with Kyrie and he preferred the Nets so you said cool I'll play there. It's fine. We'll make fun of you but at least you're saying what actually happened. 

Oh and let's not forget it was the national media that started the rumors. Sure, local guys ran with it. But it's not like Knicks fans and media just came up with it out of thin air. No, like I said, we're all too familiar with this. There are rumors started elsewhere, we immediately think this is the time and then we get kicked in the dick over and over again. And no, we won't stop doing this. It's in our blood. We're not even sorry, we know the outcome. But we can't miss out on the ONE TIME it actually works in our favor.