And The Top QBR (Most Important Statistic In Football) Of Week 2 Belongs To........

Well, well, well…………

Well, well, well, well, well………

Look what we have here. I know this list isn't sorted alphabetically, because Drew Brees is all the way down at #20. It can't be reverse alphabetical either, because Russell Wilson is sitting at #8. It can't even be a list of Most MVP awards, because Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers aren't even close to the top. Tom Brady isn't even in the top 20. What is this list? What list is Baker Mayfield at the top of right now? Oh, it's the QBR rankings from Week 2: the most important and indicative statistic in the modern game.

Listen, hand up that I was one of the conductors of the Baker Stinks train after Week 1. But I knew exactly what I was doing. They say that hungry dogs run faster……well angry, "disrespected" Baker's play better. And after having a QBR of 29.2 in the 38-6 opening week loss to the Ravens, Browns fans like myself knew immediately the only way to get this guy back on track. You gotta call him out.

Huge THANK YOU to the national media for joining in. Watching First Take this week was better than watching film for Baker. I mean, it was non stop. Is Baker done or finished? Is it time for Case Keenum? Should the Browns trade OBJ? Baker keeps forcing him the ball. The wheels are about to fall off….if they already haven't.

Blah blah blah blah blah. 

All Baker did was turn around and deliver THE HIGHEST QBR OF THE ENTIRE SEASON. 

Yeah, I know that Cincinnati Moeller has a better defense than the Bengals this year, but still. #1 QBR of the week is #1 QBR of the week. And in fact, Baker was so good that he is now a TOP 10 QB!!!! #9 overall after two weeks. Lamar Jackson leads the AFC North with a 80.8. Baker is just behind him at 80.2. And Big Ben is sitting at a whopping 48.6. It looks like we might have a changing of the guard atop the AFC North, folks. Have the Browns found their QB?? Well, we've had him for 3 years. But maybe we finally found the right coach. That was the offense we've all been waiting on. And someone pressed the right nerve on Baker last week.

Listen, I'd rather Baker just be consistent than us have to play this game of cat and mouse with him. Play bad, call for his job, get angry, play well, reference your great memory and that you "never forget" in your postgame press conference. Rinse repeat. It won't work in the long run, but it worked last week. And I hope we don't get too big of a head this week because everything should work this week. We've got the Football Team on our schedule for Week 3. The Browns have a legitimate chance to be 2-1 and right in the thick of things in the playoff race. Don't mess it up, Baker.