The Bad Boy Of Twitter Is Here- @BarstoolNate Has Been Suspended By Twitter For Being a Rebel Without a Cause On The Deep Blue Internet Seas

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Pirate life, bitches. Spend all day sneaking above deck, firing cannons (and the occasional gay buttsex pic), sneak below deck to catch a few z’s before it’s time to wreak havoc on the internet seas again, and wake up with a suspended Twitter account. Just another day in the life of the wild card. Nate 3:16 is going to keep his head above deck, half because it’s too big to completely fit below deck, but also because he can’t be caged. If that means getting my Twitter suspended, getting my Twitter suspended it will be. Being a pirate is a thankless job sometimes. Gotta protect the wild seas of the Internet even if it means putting your Twitter account on the line. Yo ho ho, and blow the man down. I can’t tip toe around the Internet, that’s not how I was raised. I’m here to be a pirate, not to pussyfoot because some scallywag at Twitter can’t handle me. I was born on the Internet seas, raised on the Internet seas, and by golly I will die on the Internet seas.


However, it goes without saying, this could have been an inside job. One pirate turning against another. So I’ll say what we’re all thinking: Spags. The ol’ Buccaneer of Business himself, Christopher Spags. If you don’t think there is a possibility this was him, I’ve got a plank to sell you in Arizona. You saw the rundown yesterday. You saw his Twitter, begging for mercy, throwing blame around every which way possible. Interesting huh? When the going got tough, when the @BarstoolSports account was suspended, Spags threw everyone else into Davey Jones’ locker. Ol’ Spagswoggle probably found a random Wikipedia article, emailed it to Twitter, and got me suspended in order to place blame on me. Violent act of Interneting if I’ve ever seen one. I’m not saying it happened, but I’m certainly not saying it didn’t.