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It Would Be Impossible For Victor Hedman To Give Less Of A Shit About Corey Perry

Victor Hedman is one of the most intimidating humans on the planet. He was born to be the devilishly handsome villain in any action movie. He's the real life version of the Winter Soldier. He's Swedish Ivan Drago. 

Corey Perry is like Jar Jar Binks if somehow Jar Jar Binks managed to win a Memorial Cup, and OHL MVP, a World Juniors Gold Medal, multiple Olympic Gold Medals, a World Cup Gold Medal, a Stanley Cup, and a Hart Trophy. It's actually preposterous how much hardware Corey Perry has. But he's Jar Jar Binks so nobody ever wants to give him the respect he deserves from probably being one out of only like 3 guys in the history of the game to have that resume with Crosby and Sakic. World Juniors, Olympics, World Cup, World Championship, Stanley Cup, Hart Trophy. Pronger is close but he just never played in a World Cup. But yeah, Perry is just such a rat that nobody cares. 

And speaking of not caring...

Same energy. 

Think Victor Hedman gives a flying fuck about Corey Perry? Forsurenot. 

Cedric Paquette, on the other hand…well he may have some grievances with the worm. 

Playoff hockey, baby. Gotta love it. 

Sidenote: I thought for sure that the Tampa Bay Lightning were going to go full Atlanta Falcons there last night and blow a massive lead against Dallas. Good to see them hang on. Now do yourselves a favor and put Stamkos back in the lineup. Best of 5. Can't hold anything back now.