Anthony Rizzo Was Meant To Be Tony Soprano's Son

Many say that the ending was David Chase's fatal flaw in the 'The Sopranos', but now we know that the real fatal flaw is that they made Robert Iler Tony's son instead of Anthony Rizzo. I mean holy moly what a fucking video. From the chains to the velour to the spaghetti spin the whole thing is just outstanding. When we talked to him on Red Line Radio he told us that he was in the midst of a rewatch and he apparently wasn't lying. Every single time you watch the show it just makes you want to emulate something.

I've never needed the playoffs to start sooner now that I know we have Anthony Velour manning 1st.

P.S. - His Dad is just as cool as Tony Soprano too. Ever since I saw him on the field with the team celebrating the 2015 playoff berth I've been in love with him. Everybody in the Barstool Chicago office has met Anthony besides me and while I'd love to meet him someday I gotta be honest - I think I'd rather meet John Rizzo first.