The Lakers Just Picked Up A Huge Free Agent That Will Play A Major Hand In Deciding This Championship

I almost fainted seeing this. Clipper Darrell has jumped ship and joined the glitterati known as Lakers fans. I never thought I'd see the day. I need to know his true motives here. Because that will tell me everything I need to know about how the rest of this season will play out. Make no mistake about it, this guy swinging his allegiances from the Clippers to the Lakers absolutely changes the energy in the cosmos and will swing the Championship either to LA or deny them from glory.

If this is a move out of pure hatred for the Clippers, the Lakers have this in the bag. The Clippers have been abusing this poor man for DECADES. Him deciding the one year they had true expectations and failed was the final straw is an unbelievable time to pull the cord. There were about a billion better times to get out of the game prior to this. But if unmet expectations were too much of a burden I get it, not every fanbase is ready to fly that close to the Sun. And if that's the case the Lakers are cooked. The only thing that can truly stop their momentum right now is for the Clippers stink to rub off on them. 

What worries me is that this is a fake quit. The only die hard Clippers fan not named Bill Simmons jumping on the Lakers bandwagon when they look like the clear title favorites in hopes of jinxing them would absolutely guarantee them a banner. I can't have that. We, as a society, cannot have that. If these are Clipper Darrell's motives he needs to come clean and knock it off before it's too late. But if he's genuinely trying to taste victory for the first time in his life I'm all in on him being all in. Lakers might not make it past the Nuggets if Darrell is truly invested here.